About Conference

GLOBAL ACADEMIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE (GARI) is dedicated to promoting scientific research on a wider international platform by organizing workshops and conferences in collaboration with universities around the world. The GARI creates opportunities for the scientists and researchers to enhance their professional career through international conferences. The Symposium sets as a goal, the creation of a platform for those involved in higher education, educationalists, industrialists, or policy makers, to meet and discuss exactly what has been achieved and what still needs to be achieved in the light of global events affecting the education of billions of people. International Conference on Agribusiness Marketing (ICABM 2018) is an international forum for the presentation of Agribusiness Marketing. With the time passed, human wanted to do something and earn something in different ways. They performed innovative experiments to bring new discoveries to the society. Humans always tried to share knowledge with the world. In the current era, innovative personalities have been engaged with this contemporary subject. The International Conference on Agribusiness Marketing Conference (ICABM 2018) is building a platform for Academic practitioners around the world to come together and exchange knowledge and achievements in real-time forums.

Specifically, 2nd IAMC targets:

Networking with international organizations, possible donors and colleagues from around the world for sharing achievements and strategies with practitioners.

Graduate students: supporting graduate students to meet colleagues from around the world, for making new friends, and improving knowledge and communication skills.

Company representatives: providing opportunities for improvement of leadership skills, learning more about the importance of quality education in achieving high performances in organizations, meeting colleagues, exchanging ideas, and establishing new connections and partnerships.

Scholars: assisting scholars to learn new approaches to higher educational learning, listening to others’ experiences, and communicating your knowledge and experiences to others.

Others: facilitating those interested in making positive changes in their communities and gaining new knowledge and skills, making new friends, and importantly, serving respective communities and impacting global knowledge research programs.

Why do you participate?

  • To present your research findings, ideas, innovations to others & it will help you to improve your image among industry leaders.
  • To know about the industry trends, industry current situation & changes happening in the industry & through that participant will be able to confront the problems in better way.
  • To maintain sound business connections with industry people and this will lead to maintain good image.
  • To enhance knowledge level through the ideas, findings, experience of others & participant will be able to upgrade their position in industry.
  • Free publications for selected research paper may be added value for your image & your reputation.